Simplicity is an anarchic power. The simplicity of just this breath, just this moment, allows me to live outside of the system. Simplicity is explosive, it explodes our strategies and points of view, offering a more encompassing being.

As soon as life feels complex, difficult, I know I have dropped out of the heart. The simplicity of the heart itself creates simplicity of my lifestyle. Simplicity is no project, it is the movement of life itself. In the past years the simplicity of the heart has let me earn less, consume less, take in less information, socialize less. The simplicity of the living heartbeat cleanses my life, polishes it, makes space for what is really essential.

At the same time simplicity is not easy, it asks for a practice that anchors me in my body, breath, feeling. A practice that is deep and light at the same time. Being in my body and emotions NOW explodes all the systems and mechanisms of the mind and lets the water of life flow again. This water of life is what we all are thirsting for so much. Through the water of life beauty is felt and expressed. The waters of life alone can take us beyond the borders of our mind into love, into creation, into totality.

The simplicity of the heartbeat and the breath let me feel as part of the earth, let me come home on earth. This very simplicity unravels the creative force to let changes happen which make life in and around me become more sane and whole.