when my step is gracious

and easy, wanting nothing

but the ground,

the earth’s womb

gives birth to me

into every life,

into yours, mine, or one in taiwan,

that of the nun, the farmer, of the wild woman,

hundreds, thousands, ten thousands of years ago.

i walk in their kitchen, bathroom,

by their hearth and well,

swallow the taste in their mouth

and feel their clothes on my skin.

lights, immersed into

the darkness of the times,

of the future or the past.

the earth infused

by a shining net.

my gaze dissolves

into twilight, a bright tremor

shakes my heart.

maybe this is

a fantasy,

but that doesn’t matter:

we all are.

walk on, and let

the fragrance

of the moist soil flood you:

“under-standing”, that

is being earth.