Waning, nearly dark moon on a “Blue Monday”: this can be an invitation to let yourself fall, to rest in the vastness of life. To rest in the void. Not to shoot into action permanently, but to stop from time to time, waiting when feeling an impulse to do something.

When you rest while feeling an urge to act, this can allow an explosion of space in your body, in your life. This space may include waves of sadness, of melancholy, when you let go of your agenda and the felt sense of the moment presents itself. In and beyond your emotions, the Great Mother receives you and feeds you when pausing.

Read the poem below for inspiration on a blue day:



Blue January


In the perfume of the moist green moss

I fall softly.

Hearing the wind in the dry grass

A smile comes unto my face.

When the bird takes wing out of the heath

Freedom remains.

When the moon wanes

My body becomes night blue.

The earth is dotted with countless stars,

Buds singing in silence.